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2021 - Looking Forward

2021, I’m coming for you. At the top of my to do list is shirting. After 7 years of exclusively making jeans, it's time to branch out. This has been a long time coming.

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2020 - Looking Back

2020 was a real kick in the ass. Not only did Covid 19 abruptly grind FITTED to a halt, but my family experienced its share of heartbreak. Here's a brief look back.

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Easy Rider

This unique key fob features shell cordovan, widely regarded as the best leather in the world, and paired with stunning double black Japanese selvedge denim made from Zimbabwean cotton. It is hard to look away.

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The NY Denim Hangs Podcast

Because of course I started a podcast. The NY Denim Hangs Podcast pulls the curtain back on the global denim industry and shares the stories of the people that make it.

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Fade Theory

Kris ran an experiment to determine the effects of never washing your jeans vs. washing them every week. Here's what he discovered.

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