"Measure twice. Cut once."

Take all measurements on a hard, flat surface.


      J1. WAIST
      Pull the front of your jeans up and measure the top of the waistband straight across.

      These have a waist of 18.75" 

      J2. HIP
      Measure seven inches up from the lowest point and then straight across. (The hip measurement is optional. It is recommended for more athletic body types.)

      These have a hip of 21.5". 

      J3. FRONT RISE
      Measure from the crotch point, where the front and back panels meet, to the top of the waistband. 

      These have a front rise of 11.5"

      J4. REAR RISE
      Flip your jeans over. From the back, measure from the crotch point to the top of the waistband. 

      These have a rear rise of 15.5"

      J5. THIGH
      Fold the leg at the inseam. Measure across the leg 1" below the crotch point.

      These have a thigh width of 13"

      J6. KNEE
      Fold at the inseam. Measure across the leg 13” below the crotch point.

      These have a knee width of 9"

      Measure across the leg opening just above the hem.

      These have a leg opening of 7.5"

      J8. INSEAM
      Measure from the crotch point to the end of the hem along the inseam.

      These have an inseam length of 35" 

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      S1. CHEST
      Measure across chest just below the arm pits.

      These have a chest width of 23.5" 

      S2. WAIST
      Measure across body midway down from the armpit.

      These have a waist width of 22"

      S3. HIP
      Measure across hip.

      These have a hip width of 22" 

      Measure from the high point shoulder all the way down.

      These have a front length of 28.5" 

      S5. SLEEVE
      Measure from the shoulder down to the end of the cuff.

      These have a sleeve length of 27" 

      S6. SHOULDER
      Measure across the back from shoulder to shoulder.

      These have a shoulder width of 19" 

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