Darning - FITTED Underground
Darning - FITTED Underground


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Just because your jeans get a hole doesn't mean the love affair is over.  We repair jeans through a process called darning, by opening seams and using interfacing and thread to repair holes.  This can be done for crotch blowouts, torn knees or most other tears in denim.

You care enough about your jeans to repair them.  We care enough about your jeans to repair them right.  We provide:

  • Expert color matching
  • High quality cotton spun thread
  • Wide darn circumference to prevent future blowouts in the same area

Darning is $10 per square inch. Please include the tear, plus the area around the tear to be reinforced.  If you have questions about the darning area size, please send a picture of the area needing repair to eric@fittedunderground.com.

Then send them to or drop them off at FITTED Underground at:

FITTED Underground
108 Bayard St.
Brooklyn NY 11222

Please note that jeans should be washed.  After receiving darned jeans, the repaired area will be stiff, but after a few wears and a wash the fabric will relax.


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