Denim Revolution

Eric Steffen
April, 2024

Since FITTED Underground began in 2014, I've been on a simple mission: To create the best fitting jeans possible. But there was always a second part to that mission: To make jeans that are accessible to the widest possible audience, without sacrificing quality.

In 2023, after almost a decade of making bespoke jeans, FITTED took a meaningful step forward by completing its first run of ready-to-wear jeans. They were an important milestone that made FITTED jeans more accessible. However, they didn't solve the central issue that I set out to all those years ago: They didn't remove fit as an obstable for me or my clients, once and for all.

But they did serve as a bridge to what does.

That's why I'm excited to drop something new. Something .. different. Today, I'm introducing custom sizing. This is not just a new product, but a new type of product. One that combines bespoke tailoring with the convenience and affordability of ready-to-wear jeans.

Embedded within each ready-to-wear product page is a "custom size" button that gives customers the option to have their jeans made to their exact measurements. These are not garments that are altered to fit your body. They are built from the ground up in my Brooklyn workshop, to your exact specifications.

To celebrate, I'm dropping my all time best-selling bespoke fabric as a ready to wear and custom size product: The D11 Summer Selvedge. This beautiful Japanese selvedge denim combines fade potential with all day comfort. It's the perfect three season jean, whether you are a seasoned pro or just beginning your selvedge journey.


What I'm most excited about is that my customers now have the option of a bespoke tailored fit at ready to wear prices. It's the solution I was looking for all those years ago when I started FITTED. And once your measurements are saved, reordering is as easy as clicking a button.


I'm looking forward to hearing your experience with our custom size option as FITTED Underground continues to push the boundaries of denim craftsmanship. To learn more, check out our FAQ page here.

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  • Garry Dickinson

    Looking to get some fairly heavy oz black denims . My basic measurements are 34 inch waist 38 inch leg.
    Let me what what you need from me to start this whole process.

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