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In 2017 I founded a group called NY Denim Hangs, which is a grassroots community organization in New York City formed to bring denim lovers together. It's been a joy to run and meeting such a colorful cast of characters has been the best part. 

Recently my good friend Jason (@happyvalleyoutfitters) and I (@fitted.underground) decided to start the NY Denim Hangs Podcast. The purpose of the NY Denim Hangs Podcast is to pull the curtain back on the global denim industry and share the stories of the people that comprise it. We take you beyond the denim to present the mills, makers, manufacturers and marketers in a series of “mini hangs” that we hope will educate and inspire our community. 

We just dropped 11 episodes in Season 1 that includes some fantastic guests, including @leftfieldnyc, Jean Shop founder @ericgoldstein and @northerngrade. Check us out on iTunes, Spotify or the podcast landing page and follow us on Instagram at @nydenimhangs.

All welcome. Come hang.


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