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Easy Rider

Leather, denim and copper
Oh my!

By Tyler Russell
IG: @hfagoods
Product details: Easy Rider

For our second collaboration, Eric and I wanted to stick with the denim/leather theme; after seeing the Bleecker Bifold age this past year, it's hard not to go all in on the fade + patina journey. Also hard to believe it was almost a year ago when we released the Bleecker Bifold at Shop American Field in Brooklyn, NY!

This unique key fob is unlike anything else you have seen. Featuring shell cordovan, widely regarded as the best leather in the world, and paired with stunning double black Japanese selvedge denim made from Zimbabwean cotton, it is hard to look away.

The added copper rivet situated in the center of the fob gives it a bonus focal point every time you pull your keys out. And that pure copper will patina too! Which means...
 ✅ Leather patina 
 ✅ Copper patina 
 ✅ Denim fade 

- Horween Shell Cordovan (Color #8) 
- Italian Shell Cordovan from Toscania Italia 
- Double Black Denim from Kuroki Mills pull tab
- 1'' Gunmetal Key ring
- Handset copper rivet for added durability and patina

All items are ready to ship and includes free shipping! Check it out here.

Thanks for reading!
-Tyler (and Eric 👋)




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