Brooklyn Sunrise

Button Development

After developing a new logo, it was time to up FITTED Underground's button game. I collaborated with the very talented Nick Williams, author of Denim Branded, to do so.

Our interest returned to the Brooklyn Bridge, which I had used for my rear pocket arcuates. What is so compelling about the Bridge is that from different perspectives it conveys different inspirations. From afar, the bridge is elegant and stoic. Up close, it's brimming with energy.

We wanted to capture that dynamism in FITTED Underground's front button, so we rendered an image that emphasized the energy of the cables and strength of the towers. 


The initial image was compelling, but needed to be simplified. We began pairing back the image to its essence... develope the image below. It was important that the image read well, not on the page, but when it was reduced to the size of your thumb.

There was one design element of the bridge that my good friend, Guido, pointed out, and since he highlighted it for me I haven't been able to not see it. That is that the tower looks like two pairs of jeans standing next to each other. See that? So to represent that more clearly, I expanded the central column to match the width of the outer columns. If you cover an outer column with your thumb you'll see that what remains is a pair of jeans. It's hidden details like that that I love. 

The image was sent to the manufacturer where they developed this mock up.

I loved the design, but the composition felt flat. After exploring a number of options, I decided on a white enamel background with a brass foreground to reflect the golden hue of the Bridge. The colors bring the button life. 

I call the button “The Brooklyn Sunrise". 

With the Brooklyn Dragon on the interior tack. 


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